blick|ge|recht [ˈblɪkɡərɛçt]

Unique, every time

We do not just want to serve our customers, we want to support and advise them in all areas. Every project means as much to us as it does to you.

In order to achieve your goals, we work with you in an extensive creative process, with good and honest ideas. We develop a concept that matches your philosophy.

We enjoy
our work!

Probably the best prerequisite for creative work. With a great deal of passion and the necessary sensitivity for the interests and preferences of our customers, we are constantly working on delivering a result that meets your visual expectations.

blickgerecht – German for doing justice to vision, the name reflects our aim. Although it cannot be found in any dictionary, we strive to ensure our products meet your visual expectations. Ambitious as this may sound, we work towards it every day.

We, that’s Christian Lellbach and Roland Stichler, both from Kaiserslautern – and both with a passion for chic, modern design. With our competencies clearly defined, we complement each other perfectly and can therefore offer our customers a broad portfolio.

And the best: Thanks to our ingenious network of various freelancers and partners, even the really big projects are not problem for us. Eventually, networking enables us to deliver everything from a single, “blickgerecht” source.

Happy customers